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Professional movers Calgary

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Shifting of a house or an office moving is a very troublesome job, and not possible for a householder or an office owner to relocate the furniture items or household goods himself. For this difficult job we have to utilize the services of an experienced professional. And in Calgary we the most experienced and Professional Movers to move your residential, commercial and corporate goods tension free. In Calgary we are licensed and insured movers having a long standing and excellent track record of moving the goods hassle free on the same day and also on a short notice.

Our charges are very reasonable and competitive as compared to other parallel movers. We do not charge any extra money for shifting the goods to the upper floors through stairs. There are no hidden charges levied by us. We have a record of ` NO COMPLAINT RECEIVED` till this date. We use the packing material of a high quality, like boxes irrespective of their size, roll of tap and other material provided by us. We have a most talented, experienced, dedicated staff and also trained moving consultants and planners who visit your office or house to model a plan and establish key points for successful moving of your goods whether within the city or across the state. They also take care of tagging and marking of all the boxes without disruption to your daily work. We engage a lorry with a valid permit and driver with a valid driving license. We are   expertise in moving the PIANO and other sensitive nature goods. Our services are unmatched and cheapest in the city .We have the following salient features of our services:-

  1. The Delta Movers are the licensed authorized movers of the city.
  2. Our freight charges are competitive and we make reimbursement of breakage immediately.
  3. Our staff is fully expert, experienced and trained in this profession as they are working with us since so many years. And we do not hire labor from the market to do this assignment.
  4. Our company has obtained a floating insurance policy to cover the loss in the transit.
  5. We have trained moving consultant and planners who supervise the entire process from loading to unloading and wetting of the items as per the plan.

5 We do not hire the vehicles to carry out the assignments but have our own fleet of trucks having valid permits and trained drivers owing valid driving licenses.

  1. Our company is a renowned company having its branches throughout the city and also across the state.


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